Loving in Stereo Artwork NFT Terms & Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply for all exclusive artwork NFTs for the following tracks:


01. Dry Your Tears

02. Keep Moving

03. All Of The Time

04. Romeo ft. Bas

05. Lifting You

06. Bonnie Hill

07. Fire

08. Talk About It

09. No Rules

10. Truth

11. What D’You Know About Me

12. Just Fly, Don’t Worry

13. Goodbye My Love ft. Priya Ragu

14. Can’t Stop The Stars


  1. Artwork NFTs are each freely resold an unlimited number of times
  2. If the Artwork NFT is lost or destroyed, or private key or other access is lost, the buyer or holder may not request a replacement.
  3. New House New Me Limited and/or Jungle (and/or the members of Jungle) and/or their respective affiliates are not responsible for (i) the safe keeping of the PV NFT and may not be held liable for loss, loss of access, or damage; and (ii) any technology failure including but not limited to wallets, exchanges, smart contracts and underlying blockchain protocols. 
  4. Any use of the Composition and Master Recording independent of the Artwork NFT shall constitute an infringement of the copyrights. For the avoidance of any doubt and without limitation, you shall not produce, promote or exploit audio or audio-visual recordings of the Composition and/or Master Recording (or any part thereof) in any medium independent of the Artwork NFT.