Personalised LP NFT Terms & Conditions

    1. The winners (each a “Winner”) of the "Loving In Stereo Personalised LP" (“PV NFT”) will each be entitled to receive vinyl copy of the album Loving in Stereo signed by Josh and Tom (“Vinyl”) and with a personalised message to be chosen by the Winner. The personalised message shall be subject to Josh and Tom’s approval – and may not contain any obscene, offensive, racist or otherwise inappropriate material.
    2. PV NFTs are each freely transferable an unlimited number of times; the Vinyl may be redeemed by whoever is the holder of the PV NFT at the time of redemption but may not be redeemed more than once per PV NFT.
    3. If the PV NFT is lost or destroyed, or private key or other access is lost, the buyer or holder may not request a replacement.
    4. PV NFT may not be exchanged for any cash amount.
    5. New House New Me Limited and/or Jungle (and/or the members of Jungle) and/or their respective affiliates are not responsible for (i) the safe keeping of the PV NFT and may not be held liable for loss, loss of access, or damage; and (ii) any technology failure including but not limited to wallets, exchanges, smart contracts and underlying blockchain protocols.