Premiere Pass FAQ



How is different to

JFC (Jungle Fan Club) is the place for our community and is always free to join. It is like the VIP section of our website where we can better cultivate connections with you – and you all with each other, more directly. It is a place for fan expression, social interaction and new immersive experiences around our music, creative and all things Jungle. 


What is Volcano, the Original Motion Picture?  

'Volcano, the Original Motion Picture' is a full album-length music video and film that soundtrack's the new album 'Volcano' which releases on August 11th 2023.


Where and when can I watch the film? 

The Volcano full film will be available from August 11th exclusively at to those who have purchased a Premiere Pass. The pass will give you access to rewatch the full film on-demand from August 11th until December 31st 2023. 


Will the Volcano full film be available to watch on YouTube on August 11th?

No, is the ONLY place that you will be able to watch the Volcano film from August 11th until December 2023 when the full film will be released to YouTube.


I've already pre-ordered the album, do I have to pay full price for the pass? 

If you've already pre-ordered the album from, starting next week you will be able to purchase the Premiere Pass for 50% from Please be sure to use the same email you purchased the album with when signing up for the JFC to ensure you receive your discount.

Once I have purchased a bundle that includes the pass, how will I access the premiere? 

If you purchase an album bundle that includes a pass, you will need to create a JFC profile with the same email address that you used when purchasing the bundle and we will deliver your pass to your profile by Monday the 7th of August along with instructions on how to join the premiere and watch the film on-demand afterwards. 


What if I just want the pass and not the album? 

You can get the standalone premiere pass directly from Although buying an album and pass bundle makes full use of the bundle discount.